MILITARY TIMES: Veterans, military families want out of Afghanistan: poll

Veterans and military families overwhelmingly support plans to fully withdraw troops from Afghanistan and similarly favor a complete U.S. military pullout from Syria, according to a new poll from a conservative activist group released Wednesday.

Concerned Veterans for America, which has close ties to the conservative Koch brothers’ network and the Trump administration, said the results indicate that President Donald Trump should follow through with his public comments to bring those troops home.

“Veterans and military families have borne the brunt of America’s endless wars, and after nearly two decades of fighting there is clear support among both groups for a new approach to American foreign policy,” said Dan Caldwell, executive director at Concerned Veterans for America.

“President Trump would have strong support from these communities if he were to follow through on his promise to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Syria, and get serious about our country’s financial future.”

In recent months, CVA officials have teamed up with leaders from — a left-leaning advocacy group with close ties to the Democratic Party — to push lawmakers to halt open-ended foreign military operations, arguing the “forever” wars cost too much in taxpayer funds and military readiness.

Sixty percent of 800 veterans and 800 military households polled by Concerned Veterans for America say they support withdrawing all U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The poll was conducted April 5-14, 2019.

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