BILLINGS GAZETTE: Guest opinion: Barrasso, Cheney should fight to end ‘forever wars’

Our nation and our state were founded on principles of volunteer service, self-sacrifice, and courage, principles instilled in me at a young age. They ignite a passion in the American soul and inspire a sense of duty that’s never more evident than in the heart of those who join our nation’s armed forces. How best do we honor their service, sacrifice, and courage?

I read a recent guest commentary by U.S. Navy veteran, now House Majority Whip and Republican Rep. Tyler Lindholm of Sundance, Wyoming, who set up a website for Wyomingites to petition for an end to the nation’s longest wars. It brought back a flood of memories and thoughts of how strongly I agree with President Trump’s words in his State of the Union address, that “after two decades of war, the hour has come to at least try for peace. …It is time to give our brave warriors a warm welcome home.”

The first memory was of standing at the Casper airport 10 years ago, listening to the drum beats and songs of Native Americans singing prayers for the volunteer warriors who were being deployed, leaving their families, and preparing themselves, if ordered, to go into battle.

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