307 Politics: Cheney critical of potential Taliban deal, Lummis’ ad criticizes Democrats for bipartisan vote

After nearly two decades of fighting, the United States is arguably closer than it’s ever been to leaving Afghanistan behind, working through negotiations with the Taliban last week to broker a peaceful conclusion to the longest war in American history.

For some, the news was welcome: the United States can currently say it is at war with no fewer than seven countries and, in Afghanistan alone, American operations there have amassed a count of roughly 2,400 servicemen killed since the early 2000s.

Top conservatives on the House Armed Services Committee – including Rep. Liz Cheney – however, have urged caution over haste in the discussions last week, calling the Taliban’s proposal a “phony deal” that would put America’s security “in the hands of the Taliban” – an entity that has, so far, failed to denounce the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

This, she believes, puts the United States in bad position, as Afghanistan would not hesitate to harbor extremist groups with an aim to hurt the United States – something she said remains a very real threat to national security.

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