THE HILL: Rand Paul, Liz Cheney exchange insults in Twitter feud (over Wyoming – Bring Our Troops Home Op-Ed)

SEP 12 THE HILL — “The Twitter feud appears to have begun Wednesday, when (Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand) Paul tweeted an op-ed written by Wyoming state legislators (Rep. Tyler Lindholm, R-Sundance, and Rep. Jared Olsen, R-Cheyenne) calling on Cheney to stop ‘publicly criticizing our Republican commander-in-chief and seemingly pushing the U.S. toward yet another endless war in the Middle East.’ The op-ed was published by the Washington Examiner last week.”

Read more about the exchange here.


SEP 12 WASHINGTON POST — “Two Republican state House members in Cheney’s home state authored an op-ed calling on her to ‘stop carping at Trump for rejecting endless war.’”

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