To End the Wars, Attack the Right From the Right

ANTI-WAR.COM — “, led by Afghan war combat vet Dan McKnight, is already spreading around the country at a wildfire’s pace…In Wyoming, state House majority whip, representative and navy veteran Tyler Lindholm is leading their efforts against Rep. Liz Cheney with Cheney is trying to decide whether she wants to be speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives or a senator. They’d like to see her get a real job instead. McKnight says that their opposition to Cheney has been ‘incredibly well received in the ultra-conservative state of Wyoming.’ A defeat for Cheney, proud heir to every one of her father’s most despicable crimes and would-be instigator of further international crises in the future,
would be a terrible setback for the war party and a major victory for those who have had enough of her ilk making things so much worse.”

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